Affordable DDOS Attack Protection

Browse our security appliances and protect your network today.

Accelerated low latency packet processing

Prevents network degradation and allows for an operational latency of less than 200 microseconds (<0.0002 seconds)

Most affordable

Uncomparable with any other existing type of DDoS mitigation systems.

Security and Independence

 Direct network integration guarantees security.

No Data Interception or collection

Malicious content is removed prior to entering your network. While allowing legitimate traffic to PASSIVELY flow through.

Revolutionary DDOS Solutions

DDOS Solution

  • Scalable to any network.
  • Out of the Box, turn key solution.
  • Guararanteed low cost.
  • Live Attack notifications (SMS)
  • Live Charts.
  • Historical Charts.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Attack demonstration

Nimitz hardware is assembled in both Canada and the United States. 

Then shipped around the world. 

This ensures that you receive the highest industrial quality product. That is also backed by a 100% guaranteed manufacturer warranty.

Nimitz also provides a strong team of trained technical support.  Located across both North America and Europe. Allowing us to be close to our customers and reachable at convenient times.


Network Security

 Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS) are a method of exhausting a networks capabilities by attenuating available resources (e.g. bandwidth, routers, CPU, cache, …) intended for legitimate traffic. This results in either complete downtime or reduced operational capacity for both service providers an users. 

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Technical Support

Highly trained techs are available on 2 continents. Multiple connections are available to engage with customer any time is needed, worldwide.

 Include Emergency Support.

Incident Response

  • We provide strong Service Level Agreement (SLA) for corporate clients. 

  • We also do consulting and design of proper implementation in complicated network environment.

About Us

NIMITZ is the direct result of a DDoS mitigation project. Carried out by a group of international specialists as a novel solution for delivering both affordable and scalable DDoS protection. We are currently focused on providing service for ISP’s, small to large networks and companies of any size. For whom traditional solutions may not have been financially feasible or effective.

Our aim is to be an alternative solution for organizations that are finding difficulty in defusing DDoS attacks, through the utilization of proprietary software technology. With the possibility of scaling up in several orders of magnitude for clients with custom requirements.

For more information you can visit "PROJECT NIMITZ WIKI" page at http://nimitz.wiki/

Canadian Head Office

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