Automatic: Always-On

Proprietary software responds to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks without human intervention.

24/7/365 protection.

Packet Per Second Protection (PPS)

Nimitz is *mostly a bandwidth independent product. Its proprietary software specifically targets DDoS attacks, but its  ability to filter out those attacks is largely predicated on the  physical hardware that it is running on e.g. CPU.

Novel Signature Detection

Proprietary software utilizes a novel form of signature detection that allows for enhanced identification.

Low Latency

Current lab tests have shown an operational latency of less than 200 microseconds (<0.0002 seconds) or 0.2 milliseconds, under load.


Nimitz security appliances come with a guaranteed performance capacity, quantifed in packets per second.

However, in emergency situations they are capable of exceeding  guaranteed thresholds by up to 75%, for short bursts of time.

Passive Packet Filtering

Nimitz operates at layers 3/4 of the OSI model to eliminate attacks at layers 3/4/7.

Nimitz does not  perform any type of deep packet inspection or violate the integrity/ security of the data passing through it.

Commodity Hardware

Commodity hardware allows for easy deployment and network integration. While also allowing for reduced costs of manufacturing and production.

High Quality Manufacturer

All units are manufactured by Lanner Inc . A world leader in the fields of advanced network appliance design, engineering and manufacturing.

Assembled in Canada and United States.


All units can be customized with an array of additional Network interface cards varying from RJ-45 to SFP+. To allow for easier network integration and future provisioning.

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